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Dia dhuit ar maidin!
(Good morning!)

The Irish language

Irish Gaelic is spoken by about 300,000 people in Ireland. Of those, roughly 75,000 have Irish Gaelic as a first language. If you want to learn the Irish language, our learn Irish software will have you speaking in a very short time.

Speaking Irish

Speak! Irish is based on a natural learning process - you practice simple grammar and vocabulary tasks in a structured manner until Speak! decides that you have learned the subject matter in sufficient depth to be promoted to the next level. In this way, you'll progress from the basics to more complex sentence structures at your own speed in just the same way a child learns a language - seeing, listening and responding over an extended period of time. The course uses standard Irish with voices from Connamara, Kerry and Cork. If your computer does not have a CD-ROM drive, the software can be installed via a USB stick.

Included in the course

  • 1 CD Rom with software to learn Irish

Key Features

  • Fun to use
  • Learn Irish grammar and vocabulary
  • Voice recognition to improve your Irish accent
  • Irish talking dictionary
  • The Irish language lessons can be printed
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Runs on Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP

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Learn Irish Vocabulary

There are 20 levels of Irish Vocabulary exercises. Listen to Irish sentences in high fidelity quality. The AutoLearn feature advances you from the basics up through the levels automatically.

Learn Irish Grammar

Learn Irish Grammar

There are 20 levels of Irish Grammar exercises. The Irish dictionary can be accessed from within each lesson to find the translation of words. There is an explanation of the grammar for each lesson, that clearly explains the purpose of the lesson.

Easy to use interface

Easy to use interface

The main screen allows you to access the different sections of the software with a single click. Designed to be used without having to refer to an instruction manual.

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Learn Irish Pronunciation

First you will see the Irish word written and hear it spoken. After this, you will see the sound in graphic form on the screen and then it's your turn to speak! Your voice will then be compared using voice anaylsis technology and you'll see just how authentic your Irish accent is.

Next Feature

Free Irish lesson

Irish Grammar point
The English indefinite article a does not exist in Irish. Unlike English, a noun on its own can be considered indefinite without the need for a specific word to show this.

  • bord
    a table
  • cara
    a friend
  • madra
    a dog
  • páiste
    a child
  • seachtain
    a week

Reviews for Speak! Irish

Product Rating
Great Service
I can't comment yet about the usefulness of the Irish Beginner's that I downloaded but I will return at a later date to give an opinion. Right now I can only comment on the quality of service and value for money which I rate very highly.
Published on Nov 23, 2013 by Angela from Belfast, Ireland (North)
Product Rating
Good software although a little dated
The interface is a bit dated and it's not quite clear from the initial view what process a first time user should follow. The inluded book jumps into complex (at least to a beginner) writing and the course advances fairly rapidly. However, overall this is a very good course (and one of the few available) for Irish. As with any language learning project, the new learner must stick with the process to receive the benefit. If you can get past the age and clunkiness of the interface, you have all the tools needed to learn Irish.
Published on May 8, 2013 by Kelly from Raleigh, United States
Product Rating
Quite effective
Cheaper than other products on the market and with TeachMe!, I find the words are actually staying in my memory.
Published on Nov 16, 2008 by John from County Down, Ireland
Product Rating
Fun to use a few minutes at a time
I find this version much improved from the earlier one from Sain. LinguaShop upgraded me, which I appreciated. While I wish the audio cd was organized more clearly, the package as a whole is user-friendly both for me and my sons! It's a fine refresher to supplement book-learning, and the pronunciations are clear and precise. Certainly worth the cost. Maith thu!
Published on March 25, 2009 by John from Los Angeles, USA

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Speak! Irish
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Popular Reasons why people learn Irish

Impress people
If you've just met someone who speaks Irish, you can make a good impression on him or her by learning Irish. Knowing Irish will certainly make you stand out in a crowd.
Meet new people
Many people who have learned Irish have met their husband or wife because of it. Learning Irish will increase the number of people in your community whom you can meet.
Learning Irish provides you with an insight into the way of life of Irish speaking communities. 1Knowing Irish will completely transform your travel experience.
College / University
Proficiency in Irish will improve your chances of being accepted to university. Being able to show to a university admissions clerk that you have studied Irish could add weight to your application.
Make a difference
Every new learner makes the outlook for Irish brighter. Set an example for others by showing how it is indeed possible to learn Irish later in life.

Free Irish Course

Yes, really!
Did you know, you can get a free Irish course from LinguaShop. There are 2 ways to get your free Irish course. The first way is the simplest, the second way requires your skills as a native speaker.
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Basic words and phrases in Irish

It is hot out.
Tá sé te.
It is cold out.
Tá sé fuar.
It is cloudy out.
Tá sé scamallach.
What is the temperature ?
Cén teocht é ?
It is nice out.
Tá sé go breá.
It is windy.
Tá sé garbh.
It is raining.
Tá sé ag cur bháistí.
It is snowing.
Tá sé ag cur shneachta.
Speak! Irish

About Irish

Irish Gaelic is spoken by about 300,000 people in Ireland. Of those, roughly 75,000 have Irish Gaelic as a first language. Irish Gaelic is a celtic language related to Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish and Breton.

Irish words and phrases

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