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The world's leading language software makes learning Irish fun. If you really want to learn, our courses will help you learn Irish quickly and easily.

Learn Irish quickly

Learn Irish quickly

Speak! Irish is based on a natural learning process - you practice simple grammar and vocabulary tasks in a structured manner until Speak! decides that you have learned the subject matter in sufficient depth to be promoted to the next level. In this way, you'll progress from the basics to more complex sentence structures at your own speed in just the same way a child learns a language - seeing, listening and responding over an extended period of time.

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  • Irish language learning software for download

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  • Fun to use
  • Learn Irish grammar and vocabulary
  • Voice recognition to improve your Irish accent
  • Irish talking dictionary
  • The Irish language lessons can be printed
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
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Irish transliteration

The course uses standard Irish with voices from Connamara, Kerry and Cork.

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Irish Grammar point
Irish verbs in the present tense do not conjugate for each person. This means that the verb stays the same for I, you, he, they etc. This is similar to the case in English.

  • deirim
    I say
  • deireann tú
    you say
  • deireann sé
    he says
  • deireann sí
    she says
  • deirimid
    we say
  • deireann sibh
    you say (plural)
  • deireann siad
    they say

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Reviews for Speak! Irish

Product Rating
Great way to learn Irish
I liked the repetition of each phase and the ability to go back to any level that I need to review. I learn at
my own speed/time. Very nice.
Published on Dec. 30, 2014 by Donald from Brandon, Florida, United States
Product Rating
Great product!
Easy to use and understand, I even teach my almost 3 year old twins some Irish, and it's working!
Published on Apr. 19, 2012 by Angel from SF Arizona, USA
Product Rating
This program was so easy to use, my wife used it and then used it as a reference to teach me the language as well. Highly recommend.
Published on Dec. 18, 2014 by Jonathan from Fort Hood, USA
Product Rating
I purchased this program to help learn Irish/Gaelic so that I could better understand my
heritage and possibly visit southern Ire one day. It's smooth texture and style made this
program fast and easy to follow and keep up with. All at my own pace. I couldn't ask for more.
Published on May 27, 2014 by Mat from Ft. Campbell, USA

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Speak! Irish
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4.8 out of 5 stars
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Popular Reasons why people learn Irish

Your relatives speak Irish
If your family spoke Irish in the past you might want to learn it and possibly teach it to your children. If your children are enrolled in a Irish medium school, learning Irish will allow you to follow their curriculum.
If you have Irish speaking friends, learning Irish will help you to communicate with them. If your friends speak Irish, learning Irish will give you a better understanding of their culture and way of thinking.
Become part of the community
Learning Irish will allow you to fully participate in the rich oral, written and musical traditions of the Irish speaking areas.

Free Irish Course

Yes, really!
Did you know, you can get a free Irish course from LinguaShop. There are 2 ways to get a free Irish course. The first way is the simplest, the second way requires your skills as a native speaker.
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Your English language skills
We want our site to be perfect and perfect means having the site error free in 18 languages. Help us do this and we'll give you a free Irish course. Simply read this page and send us the corrections to any errors, spelling mistakes or typos you can find on this page. You can contact us by clicking 'Contact' in the menu bar above.

Basic words and phrases in Irish

I was born in England.
I Sasana a rugadh mé.
I was born in America.
I Meiriceá a rugadh mé.
I am twenty years old.
Táim fiche bliain d'aois.
I am learning Spanish.
Táim ag foghlaim Spáinníse.
I am tired.
Tá tuirse orm.
I am a student.
Is mac léinn mé.
I am single.
Táim singl.
My name is Peter.
Peadar an t-ainm atá orm.
Speak! Irish

About Irish

Irish Gaelic is spoken by about 300,000 people in Ireland. Of those, roughly 75,000 have Irish Gaelic as a first language. Irish Gaelic is a celtic language related to Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish and Breton.

Irish words and phrases

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