Swedish Grammar

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Swedish Grammar

Swedish is a North Germanic (Scandinavian) language. It is spoken by 9 million people in Sweden and parts of Finland. Our PDF course is certainly a good way to learn the basics of Swedish grammar.

Swedish Grammar

Swedish Grammar

Each slide provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Swedish grammar. There are numerous slides in the package. Topics include the Swedish definite article, the indefinite article, Swedish verbs and adjectives, Swedish pronouns, Swedish demonstrative pronouns. The PDF can be saved on a computer and can be printed out in color or black and white. The document can be printed with 4 slides to a page to save paper when printing.

Included in the course

  • A PDF File for download

Key Points

  • Approximately 30 slides
  • Learn Swedish grammar
  • Swedish indefinite article
  • Swedish verbs
  • Singular and plural nouns in Swedish
  • Swedish demonstrative pronouns
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Free Swedish lesson

Swedish Grammar point
A unique feature of Swedish is that, unlike English, the definite article comes after the noun as a suffix. For nouns in the plural, the English definite article the has different forms in Swedish depending on whether the word to which it belongs is masculine or feminine. In general, a noun in Swedish is made definite with the suffix -na.

  • vännerna
    the friends
  • städerna
    the cities
  • nätterna
    the nights
  • dörrarna
    the doors
  • dagarna
    the days

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Click the arrow buttons to browse through several pages of the Swedish grammar PDF. These pages represent an extract from the essential Swedish grammar which is available for download. You will be shown new pages each day. Read the pages through and learn important aspects of the Swedish language. Visit the site every day to see new pages.
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Important Reasons why people learn Swedish

Job Opportunities
Knowledge of Swedish is essential in many occupations. As for job opportunities, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have Swedish on your résumé. Knowledge of Swedish increases your job opportunities.
Knowing Swedish will completely transform your travel experience. If you speak Swedish you will find yourself being welcomed in a way that would never happen if you spoke only English. If you don't speak Swedish, you will be forced to confine yourself to popular tourist resorts.
Personal development
Studying Swedish can improve your memory and slow age-related decline. Bilingualism enhances mental abilities in both children and adults.

Free Swedish Course

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Did you know, you can get a free Swedish course from LinguaShop. There are 2 ways to get a free Swedish course. The first way is the simplest, the second way requires your skills as a native speaker.
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We want our site to be perfect and perfect means having the site error free in 18 languages. Help us do this and we'll give you a free Swedish course. Simply read this page and send us the corrections to any errors, spelling mistakes or typos you can find on this page. You can contact us by clicking 'Contact' in the menu bar above.

Basic words and phrases in Swedish

I come from Germany.
Jag kommer från Tyskland.
I am learning French.
Jag lär mig franska.
I was born in Canada.
Jag är född i Canada.
I am learning German.
Jag lär mig tyska.
I was born in England.
Jag är född i England.
I am tired.
Jag är trött.
I am married.
Jag är gift.
I am happy.
Jag är glad.
Swedish grammar

About Swedish

Swedish is a North Germanic (Scandinavian) language. It is spoken by 9 million people in Sweden and parts of Finland.

Swedish words and phrases

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