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The Company

Unit #8-4275
Millcroft Park Drive
Burlington, ON
Tel: +905 319 1632

The telephone number and email address are provided to fulfill legal requirements in the EU. Questions will not be answered via this telephone number. Should you have a question, use the support page.

Our Story

At LinguaShop, we make language learning fun. Whether for customers who just want to learn enough to get by or for those who want to learn a language with near fluency, our language courses are designed to bring real results.

Our Mission

There are a lot of very positive reasons to learn a language. It's pretty impressive to be able to speak another language. As well, the ability to speak another language can increase your career opportunities and give you the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. Whatever your own personal reason may be, it's our mission to help you achieve this goal.


We're constantly expanding our product offering. We're looking for editors for a wide range of languages. If you have a good command of a language other than English and if you are interested in working in an editorial role, please let us know by clicking the contact button at the top of the site.

We're there to help.

We're there to help.

Customer care is at the heart of our business. Whatever questions you may have, we'll always be there to help.

Committed to quality.

Committed to quality.

We strive to make this site error free in 16 languages. If you find an error, simply click the symbol and we'll update the site... and send you something for free as well.

Dedicated to your success.Dedicated to your success.

Dedicated to your success.

We've been helping people learn languages for more than 15 years. You'll be amazed how quickly you'll learn to get by in another language with courses from LinguaShop.