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Learn Breton in your car!

Make the most of your trip to work by learning Breton words and phrases on the way. You'll learn hundreds of words & phrases in a very short time. The voice is in both Breton and English. Just listen, absorb and enjoy!

Learn Breton in your car!


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Learn Breton in your car!

Included in the course

  • 1 Audio CD in Breton and English

Key Points

  • The CD is in both Breton and English
  • Duration of roughly 60 minutes
  • Learn Breton words
  • Learn Breton phrases


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Free Breton lesson

Breton adjectives

Unlike English, adjectives in Breton are placed after the noun. Adjectives in Breton agree with the noun they describe. This means that adjectives that describe a feminine noun have a special form.

Examples for using Breton adjectives

ar paotr laouen
the happy boy
ar paotr speredeg
the smart boy
ar paotr kreñv
the strong boy
ar paotr trist
the sad boy
ar paotr gwan
the weak boy

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Free Breton lessons

About Breton

Breton is spoken by about 300,000 people in Britanny (North West peninsula in the French state). Breton is a celtic language related to Welsh, Irish, Cornish and Gaelic. If you are planning on doing some travelling, learning Breton would be a great way to make the most of your trip.

Basic words and phrases in Breton

Get by in Breton with these basic Breton words & phrases.

Amzer 'm eus.
I have time.
Prez 'zo warnon.
I am in a hurry.
Diwezhat eo.
It is late.
Kreisteiz eo.
It is noon.
Nozvezh vat!

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Listen and Learn Breton

Listen and Learn Breton

Start learning Breton today. Download the Breton-English audio files and learn while jogging, exercising, commuting, cooking or sleeping. The MP3 files can be copied to your smartphone or your iPad (via iTunes).

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PDF Workbook in Breton

A full 20 pages of exercises in Breton to help you learn the most important words and phrases in the language. We suggest printing out the Breton exercise book and doing the exercises with a pencil or a pen. This tried and trusted learning method is a refreshing choice in this digital age.

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