120 chess openings

How to play Mengarini's Opening

Mengarini's Opening is an unusual chess opening. This opening is sometimes used by beginners, but less so by experienced players. This book explains in an easy to understand way which moves to make to successfully play Mengarini's Opening. Scroll down to play Mengarini's Opening online for free.

Included in the course

  • PDF file for download

Key Points

  • 20 pages
  • 80 diagrams
  • 60 lines of play


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Learn to play Mengarini's Opening

Simply make a move. If you make a wrong move along the way, you'll be shown the correct move. After being shown the correct move, start again. Play this game every day to learn all the main lines of Mengarini's Opening. Play the 2..Bc5 variation of Mengarini's Opening now.


120 chess openings

The Nimzovich Defence

The Nimzovich Defence is a fairly popular chess opening. Learning the right moves for the Nimzovich Defence will certainly help you to play better chess. This book is a good way to learn the Nimzovich Defence. The book includes easy to follow diagrams and literally dozens of lines of play. With enough practice, you can learn all of the lines and stump your oponent with this knowledge. You can even download a few pages of the book for free.

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120 chess openings

Bishop's Opening

Although Bishop's Opening is not a very common chess opening, learning to play it properly will still improve your chess game. By playing Bishop's Opening, you'll be able to surprise your oponent and create an advantage for yourself. This book is designed to help you learn in an easy way, which moves to play for Bishop's Opening. Download now a couple of pages for free.

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