Wide range of Finnish language courses.

Finnish dictionaries, language learning software, Audios CDs and more.

Finnish dictionaries, language learning software, Audios CDs and more.


Language Courses

TeachMe! Finnish

TeachMe! Finnish is the world's most popular Finnish learning package. Highly effective software combined with an Audio CD and a small book of stories enable you to learn Finnish quickly and easily.

Learn Finnish software, book and Audio CD

On the Road! Finnish

Just listen and absorb - no textbooks, no videos. The short lessons are ideal for your daily commute, mid-day break, or workout. Master most important Finnish words and phrases used in everyday conversations.The voice is in Finnish followed immediately by the English equivalent.

Finnish words and phrases

Finnish-English dictionary

When you're learning Finnish, you're going to need to learn a lot of new words and this concise Finnish dictionary will help you with that. It includes the most common words in Finnish today, with a section for Finnish-English and a section for English-Finnish.

Finnish dictionary

Finnish grammar for download

You want to learn the basics of Finnish grammar? This is the course for you! Each page provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Finnish grammar. Topics include the definite article, the Finnish indefinite article, verbs and adjectives, pronouns and Finnish demonstrative pronouns.

Finnish grammar PDF for download

Listen and Learn Finnish

Each topic in the Finnish to English audio course provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Finnish grammar. There are numerous topics in the package. Topics include the Finnish definite article, the indefinite article, Finnish adjectives, Finnish pronouns, Finnish demonstrative pronouns.

Finnish to English audio course

Speak! Finnish

Speak! Finnish is based on a natural learning process - you practice simple grammar and vocabulary tasks repeatedly until Speak! decides that you have learned the material in sufficient depth to be promoted to the next level.

Finnish language software

Audio Book in Finnish

Download the audio files now and learn Finnish while listening to Finnish stories, phrases and vocab. If you have already learned some Finnish, the audio book will help you strengthen your comprehension skills. If you are a complete beginner, the audio book will help you get acquainted to the sounds of the language.

Finnish download (MP3 and PDF)

PDF Workbook in Finnish

Writing Finnish is a vital aspect of learning the language. Each time you write a word or a phrase in Finnish, the hand-eye coordination boosts the memory building process. You will find that the more Finnish you write, the more you learn.

Finnish exercises workbook