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The Guarani definite article (singular)

The English definite article the does not exist in Guarani. Unlike English, a noun on its own can be considered definite without the need for a specific word to show this.

Examples of the Guarani definite article

the door
the father
the mother
the week
the woman

Learn Guarani quickly

Speak! Guarani remembers which words and phrases you've already learned and those you still need to practice. Each lesson contains listening practice, a printable Guarani-English dictionary and the opportunity to record your voice and see how your accent compares to Guarani native speakers.

Included in the course

  • Software to learn Guarani for download

Key Points

  • Fun to use
  • Learn Guarani grammar and vocabulary
  • Voice recognition to improve your Guarani accent
  • Guarani talking dictionary
  • Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
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Reviews for Speak! Guarani

Product Rating
Guaraní Listen and Learn

Great service and good products. Staff is very responsive. I plan on moving to Paraguay in a few weeks and I had been looking for something like this to help with pronunciation and vocabulary. The MP3 format is very convenient.

Published on Apr. 10, 2015 by Marc from York, PA, United States

Product Rating
Learning Guarani

Very simple to use and very fun.

Published on Apr. 1, 2016 by Aimee from Kansas City, United States

Product Rating
Guarani made easy

I am an American living in Asuncion in Paraguay. All the courses I have seen are based on Spanish. Because I am learning Spanish as well, it was very difficult to learning Guarani here because I had to translate from English into Spanish and then into Guarani and then back again. This course, however, allows me to go directly from English to Guarani which makes learning so much easier. Thank you for all your work.

Published on Jan. 3, 2015 by William from Asucion, Paraguay

Product Rating

I purchased "Speak Guaraní" and its companion “On the Road” CD in February 2011. It must be the only
disc-based course in this somewhat obscure language, of which I decided I should acquire at least a
nodding acquaintance as a frequent visitor to Paraguay. While the lack of the "stories" element in this and
presumably also in other “exotic” language courses is a disappointment, I have found the course itself and
particularly the 38 page grammar download, most useful and extremely “user friendly”.

I have only one niggling criticism: the word for “snow” is unlikely to be of any practical value as it never
snows in any of the countries where this language is spoken! My over all impressions of this product are
extremely positive and have been reinforced by the almost instantaneous backup service which I have
received with a minor installation problem.

Published on Dec. 25, 2014 by Adrian j from Glenageary, Ireland

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Speak! Guarani

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4.3 out of 5 stars

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Top Reasons for learning Guarani

Impress someone

If you've just met someone who speaks Guarani, you can make a good impression on him or her by learning Guarani. Knowing Guarani will certainly make you stand out in a crowd.

Become part of the community

Learning Guarani will allow you to fully participate in the rich oral, written and musical traditions of the Guarani speaking areas.

Make a difference

Every new learner makes the outlook for Guarani brighter. Set an example for others by showing how it is indeed possible to learn Guarani later in life.

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Basic words and phrases in Guarani

Get by in Guarani with these basic Guarani words & phrases.

What is the weather like ?

Mba'éichapa ára ?

What is the temperature ?

Hakúpa térãpa ho’ysã ?

It is cloudy out.

Arai hína.

It is snowing.

Yrypy'aveve hína.

It is cold out.


It is raining.

Oky hína.

It is hot out.

Haku hína.

It is windy.

Yvytu hína.