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Hindi verb conjugation (third person singular [she])

A unique feature of Hindi is that it conjugates differently for males and females. Verbs in Hindi can use the verb to be as an auxiliary verb. For the third person singular, most Hindi verbs use the ending -ta with males and the ending -ti with females.

Examples for using Hindi Verbs

vo čhorhti hei
she leaves
vo padti hei
she reads
vo qati hei
she eats
vo lati hei
she brings
vo talaš karti hei
she looks for

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Basic words and phrases in Hindi

Get by in Hindi with these basic Hindi words & phrases.

The apples are good.

Seip ače hêi.

The house is old.

Ghar puraana hei.

The girl is pretty.

Lerki piari hei.

The women are old.

Oratê budiâ hêi.

The horse is small.

Kora čota hei.

The boys are small.

Lerke čote hêi.

The woman is beautiful.

Orat kubsurat hei.

The woman is old.

Orat budi hei.