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The Italian definite article (plural)

For nouns in the plural, the English definite article the is i or le in Italian. The word i is used with masculine nouns and the word le is used with feminine nouns. For masculine nouns that start with a vowel however, the definite article is gli.

Examples of the Italian definite article

le madri
the mothers
i letti
the beds
i fratelli
the brothers
le cucine
the kitchens
i mesi
the months

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Basic words and phrases in Italian

Get by in Italian with these basic Italian words & phrases.

I am sick.

Io sono malato.

I am learning French.

Io sto imparando il francese.

I am thirsty.

Ho sete.

My name is Peter.

Mi chiamo Pietro.

I am sad.

Io sono triste.

I come from Canada.

Io vengo dal Canada.

I am married.

Io sono sposata.

I am learning Spanish.

Io sto imparando lo spagnolo.