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How to say 'my' in Catalan

The Catalan words for my are el meu and la meva. The word el meu is used with masculine nouns and the word la meva is used with feminine nouns.

Examples of using the word 'my' in Catalan

la meva germana
my sister
la meva música
my music
la meva poma
my apple
el meu amic
my friend
la meva filla
my daughter

Catalan workbook

Writing Catalan is an important aspect of learning the language. Everytime you write a word or a phrase in Catalan, the hand-eye coordination strengthens the memory building process. You will find that the more Catalan you write, the more you learn. The workbook consists of a PDF download with roughly 25 pages. The workbook is grouped into 10 broad topics including Catalan vocabulary, simple sentences, adjectives, Catalan possessive pronouns and conjugation of verbs. Each topic consists of several lessons.

Included in the course

  • PDF files for download

Key Points

  • Get practice with writing Catalan
  • Solutions provided to the exercises
  • Suitable for beginners
PDF Workbook in Catalan

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Top Reasons for learning Catalan

College / University

Being able to show to a university admissions clerk that you have studied Catalan could add weight to your application. Proficiency in Catalan will improve your chances of being accepted to university.

Become part of the community

Learning Catalan will allow you to fully participate in the rich oral, written and musical traditions of the Catalan speaking areas.

Make a difference

Set an example for others by showing how it is indeed possible to learn Catalan and use if in the community. Every new learner makes the outlook for Catalan brighter.

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Basic words and phrases in Catalan

Get by in Catalan with these basic Catalan words & phrases.

What is the temperature ?

Quina temperatura fa ?

It is windy.

Fa vent.

It is hot out.

Fa calor.

What is the weather like ?

Quin temps fa ?

It is cloudy out.

Està núvol.

It is raining.

Està plovent.

It is nice out.

Fa bon temps.

It is cold out.

Fa fred.