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Japanese personal pronouns (I)

Just like English, Japanese has a set of personal pronouns. The English word I is a pronoun in the first person singular. The Japanese word for I is wataši.

Japanese personal pronouns

boku wa otoko-no-hito wo širimas
I know the men
wataši wa šimas
I do
Boku wa neritai des
I want to sleep
boku wa širimas
I know
wataši wa hanašimas
I speak

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Writing Japanese is a vital aspect of learning the language. Each time you write a word or a phrase in Japanese, the hand-eye coordination boosts the memory building process. You will find that the more Japanese you write, the more you learn. The workbook consists of a PDF download with approximately 25 pages. The workbook is grouped into 10 broad topics including vocabulary, simple sentences in Japanese, adjectives, possessive pronouns and conjugation of Japanese verbs. Each topic consists of several lessons.

Included in the course

  • PDF files for download

Key Features

  • Get practice with writing Japanese
  • Solutions provided to the exercises
  • Suitable for beginners
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Basic words and phrases in Japanese

Get by in Japanese with these basic Japanese words & phrases.

The houses are small.

Ie wa čiisai des.

The woman is beautiful.

Ona-no-hito wa utsukušii des.

The man is strong.

Otoko-no-hito wa tsuyoi des.

The girl is strong.

Ona-no-ko wa tsuyoi des.

The horse is big.

Uma wa okii des.

The girl is big.

Ona-no-ko wa okii des.

The horses are white.

Uma wa široi des.

The women are young.

Ona-no-hito-tači wakai des.