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Simple Lingala sentences

In a typical sentence in Lingala which uses the verb to be, the verb is placed between the subject and the attribute as in English. In the singular, the verb to be is ezali. In the plural, the verb to be is bazali.

Examples of simple Lingala sentences

Babali bazali mikolo.
The men are old.
Bilenge mibali bazali makasi.
The boys are strong.
Bampunda bazali pembe.
The horses are white.
Mobali azali mpaka.
The man is old.
Bilenge basi bazali bakeke.
The girls are small.

Lingala Grammar

Each slide provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Lingala grammar. There are numerous slides in the package. Topics include the definite article, the indefinite article, Lingala verbs and adjectives, pronouns and demonstrative pronouns. Perfect for use on a smart phone or an iPad (using the iBooks app).

Included in the course

  • A PDF File for download

Key Features

  • Approximately 60 slides
  • Learn Lingala grammar
  • Lingala indefinite article
  • Lingala verbs
Lingala grammar for download

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Key Reasons why people learn Lingala

Impress people

Knowing Lingala implies education, good taste, and refinement, and it will certainly make you stand out in a crowd. If you've just met someone who speaks Lingala, you can make a good impression on him or her by learning Lingala.

Meet new people

Learning Lingala will increase the number of people on the globe whom you can meet. Many people who have learned Lingala have met their husband or wife because of it.

College / University

Being able to show to a university admissions clerk that you have studied Lingala could add weight to your application. Knowing Lingala is an asset if you're planning to study abroad.

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Basic words and phrases in Lingala

Get by in Lingala with these basic Lingala words & phrases.


Tikala malamu




Kendeke malamu

See you later

Tokomonono na nsíma

Good morning


Welcome !

Boyei malamu !

See you tomorrow


See you again

Tokomonana mbala mosusu