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Learn Norwegian in my car

Learn Norwegian in my car


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On the Road! Norwegian

Listening to Norwegian words and phrases repeatedly is a good way to learn. If you travel to work each day you could make the most of this time by learning Norwegian words and phrases. On The Road! was created with this in mind. You can also put the contents of the audio CD on an MP3 player or an iPod to listen to Norwegian on the train or while jogging or during work outs etc. The voice is in both Norwegian and English.

Included in the course

  • 1 Audio CD in Norwegian and English

Key Features

  • The CD is in both Norwegian and English
  • Duration of roughly 60 minutes
  • Learn Norwegian words
  • Learn Norwegian phrases

Free Norwegian lesson

The Norwegian definite article (singular)

A unique feature of Norwegian is that, unlike English, the definite article comes after the noun as a suffix. The English definite article the has different forms in Norwegian depending on whether the word to which it belongs is masculine, feminine or neuter. The definite article for masculine words is -en. For feminine words, it is -a and for neuter words it is -et.

Examples of the Norwegian definite article

the door
the city
the horse
the table
the dog

Key Reasons to learn Norwegian

Impress people

Knowing Norwegian implies education, good taste, and refinement, and it will certainly make you stand out in a crowd. If you've just met someone who speaks Norwegian, you can make a good impression on him or her by learning Norwegian.

Norwegian relatives

If your relatives speak Norwegian, it will give you a better understanding of their culture and way of thinking. If you have relatives who speak Norwegian, learning Norwegian will help you to communicate with them.


With a little Norwegian, you won't have to be the silly tourist with a phrasebook in hand. Learning Norwegian provides you with an insight into the way of life of people in Norwegian speaking countries. Knowing even a few phrases of Norwegian will make a huge difference. You will meet more people and find it much easier to get around.

Learn Norwegian for free

Your English language skills

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Basic words and phrases in Norwegian

Get by in Norwegian with these basic Norwegian words & phrases.

The apples are red.

Eplene er røde.

The women are young.

Kvinnene er unge.

The boys are small.

Guttene er små.

The horses are big.

Hestene er store.

The man is big.

Mannen er stor.

The girl is strong.

Jenta er sterk.

The houses are small.

Husene er små.

The boys are strong.

Guttene er sterke.