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Polish verb conjugation (Second person singular [you])

Polish verbs are conjugated for each person. The conjugation consists of an ending placed on the verb stem. For the second person singular, Polish verbs typically use the ending -sz. Important to note is that pronouns are not used with the verb in Polish except to create emphasis. This means that, unlike English, the verb is in general used without a pronoun.

Examples for using Polish Verbs

ty słyszysz
you hear
ty mówisz
you speak
ty myślisz
you think
ty wierzysz
you believe
ty dajesz
you give

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Best way to Learn Polish

Listening to Polish words and phrases repeatedly is a good way to learn. If you travel to work each day you could use this time to learn Polish words and phrases. On The Road! was created with this in mind. You can also put the contents of the audio CD on a smartphone or an iPad to listen to Polish on the train or while jogging or during work outs etc. The voice is in both Polish and English.

Included in the course

  • 1 Audio CD in Polish and English

Key Features

  • The CD is in both Polish and English
  • Duration of roughly 60 minutes
  • Learn Polish words
  • Learn Polish phrases

Popular Reasons for learning Polish

Polish Family ties

If you have relatives who speak Polish, learning Polish will help you to communicate with them. If your relatives speak Polish, it will give you a better understanding of their culture and way of thinking.


One thing is certain; if you can speak Polish, you will have more career choices than your counterpart who can't. Globalization is shrinking the business world and those who know Polish will definitely have the edge. If your work involves regular contact with Polish speakers, being able to talk speak Polish will help you to communicate with them.

Personal development

Research indicates that knowing two languages reduces your chances of developing Alzheimer's. Bilingualism enhances mental abilities in both children and adults.

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Basic words and phrases in Polish

Get by in Polish with these basic Polish words & phrases.

I am sad.

Jestem smutna.

I am thirsty.

Jestem spragniona.

I am hungry.

Jestem głodna.

My name is Peter.

Nazywam się Peter.

I am sick.

Jestem chora.

I am married.

Jestem żonaty.

I am a student.

Jestem studentką.

I was born in England.

Urodziłam się w Anglii.