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The Portuguese definite article (plural)

For nouns in the plural, the English definite article the is os or as in Portuguese. The word os is used with masculine words and the word as is used with feminine words.

Examples of the Portuguese definite article

as cidades
the cities
as cadeiras
the chairs
os meninos
the boys
as maçãs
the apples
os meses
the months

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Basic words and phrases in Portuguese

Get by in Portuguese with these basic Portuguese words & phrases.

I am twenty years old.

Eu tenho vinte anos.

I was born in England.

Eu nasci na Inglaterra.

I am angry.

Eu estou zangado.

I am married.

Eu sou casada.

My name is Peter.

Eu me chamo Peter.

I am learning French.

Eu estou aprendendo francês.

I am hungry.

Eu tenho fome.

I was born in America.

Eu nasci na América.