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Romansh audio download


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Romansh verbs

Romansh verbs are conjugated for each person. The conjugation consists of an ending placed on the verb stem.

Examples for using Romansh Verbs

jau legel
I read
ti legias
you read
el legia
he reads
ella legia
she reads
nus legiain
we read
vus legiais
you read (plural)
els legian
they read

Learn Romansh Audio Course

Each topic in the Romansh to English audio course provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Romansh grammar. There are numerous topics in the package. Topics include the Romansh definite article, the indefinite article, Romansh adjectives, Romansh pronouns, Romansh demonstrative pronouns. Each explanation includes examples of usage.

Included in the course

  • MP3 Files in Romansh and English for download

Key Features

  • The MP3 audio files are in English and Romansh
  • Approximately 60 minutes of audio
  • Learn Romansh on your iPod
  • Learn Romansh on your MP3 player
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Key Reasons why people learn Romansh

Meet new people

Learning Romansh will increase the number of people in your community whom you can meet. Many people who have learned Romansh have met their husband or wife because of it.

Personal development

Studying Romansh can improve your memory and slow age-related decline. Bilingualism enhances mental abilities in both children and adults.

Become part of the community

Learning Romansh will allow you to fully participate in the rich oral, written and musical traditions of the Romansh speaking areas.

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Basic words and phrases in Romansh

Get by in Romansh with these basic Romansh words & phrases.

The horses are white.

Ils chavals èn alvs.

The women are beautiful.

Las dunnas èn bellas.

The woman is old.

La dunna è veglia.

The horses are big.

Ils chavals èn gronds.

The house is new.

La chasa è nova.

The woman is young.

La femna è giuvna.

The girl is pretty.

Giuvna è bella.

The horse is white.

Il chaval è alv.