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The Russian word for 'your'

The Russian words for your are ваш, ваша and ваше. The word ваш is used with masculine nouns, the word ваша is used with feminine nouns and the word ваше is used with neuter nouns.

Examples of using the word 'your' in Russian

ваша музыка
your music
ваша дочь
your daughter
ваша кровать
your bed
ваша сестра
your sister
ваш сын
your son

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Learn Russian Grammar

You want to learn the basics of Russian grammar? This is the course for you! Each page provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Russian grammar. Topics include the definite article, the indefinite article, Russian verbs and adjectives, pronouns and demonstrative pronouns. Perfect for use on a smart phone or an iPad (using the iBooks app).

Included in the course

  • A PDF File for download

Key Features

  • Approximately 80 pages
  • Learn Russian grammar
  • Russian indefinite article
  • Russian verbs
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Basic words and phrases in Russian

Get by in Russian with these basic Russian words & phrases.

It is cloudy out.


It is windy.


It is nice out.


It is raining.

Идёт дождь.

It is snowing.

Идёт снег.

What is the temperature ?

Какая температура?

It is hot out.


What is the weather like ?

Какая погода?