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Georgian adjectives

Adjectives come before the noun in Georgian as in English. Adjectives in Georgian agree with the noun they describe. This means that adjectives have a special form if the noun that they describe is in the plural.

Examples for using Georgian adjectives

šavebi tsqenebi
the black horses
patara tsqenebi
the small horses
kavisferi tsqenebi
the brown horses
čkari tsqenebi
the fast horses
tetri tsqenebi
the white horses

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How to learn Georgian

The world's top Georgian language learning software for beginners, used by thousands of people every day around the globe. It’s appropriate for tourists, business people, students and families. You'll find the course useful for broadening listening, understanding and spoken language skills. The software is such that users have fun while they learn. This course uses everyday English letters so that you can learn Georgian without having to learn Georgian script.

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Reviews for Speak! Georgian

Product Rating
A Georgian course for English speakers

Georgian courses are extremely difficult to find here in the states. I have been a language instructor for many years. I study methodology as much as languages themselves, and this course is great methodology.
I love this course! It is well laid out. It gives you basic expresssions and phrases, and doesn't leave you hanging on which word means what. It is designed so that you know each word both intuitively and logically. There are separate tracks after the levels which give you the vocabulary word by word. It is very easy to absorb the vocabulary and the phrases in this manner.
I've been listening to this course during my drive time to work and back home. It is very high quality audio. You won't be straining to hear the clarity of the words. I've been able to absorb vocabulary at a high rate. You'll learn the language exactly as you learned your mother tongue. Hearing and repeating. It's really the only way to learn a language.

Published on Dec. 13, 2017 by Larry from Castile, United States

Product Rating
Georgian language course

Very simple and straightforward learning, even for this very complicated language.

Published on Jan. 8, 2014 by Giuseppe from Bari, Italy

Product Rating
I really like the course

I had some trouble installing the software at first, but worked that out and got it installed properly on my computer. I got the software and the audio CD, which I really like. I listen to it in the car. I appreciate the flexibility that the software offers. You can choose the lessons yourself or be guided by the software, and your can configure the learning process to suit your needs. One drawback: the course does not use the Georgian alphabet. Latin letters are used. Good for learning to speak, but for reading and writing, the Georgian alphabet would be better in the course.more...

Published on Aug. 14, 2016 by Arnaud from Dijon, France

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Speak! Georgian

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4.8 out of 5 stars

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Top Reasons why people learn Georgian

Impress someone

Imagine ordering in Georgian at a Georgian restaurant. That would be impressive. If you've just met someone who speaks Georgian, you can make a good impression on him or her by learning Georgian.

Meet someone new

If you learn some Georgian, you will increase the number of people you can communicate with. Many people who have learned Georgian have met their husband or wife because of it.

Personal development

Studying Georgian can improve your memory and slow age-related decline. Research indicates that knowing two languages reduces your chances of developing Alzheimer's.

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Basic words and phrases in Georgian

Get by in Georgian with these basic Georgian words & phrases.

Good afternoon

Švadre mšvidobisa

You're welcome


See you tomorrow


Good morning

Dila mšvidobisa

Good luck

Tsarmatebebs gisurveb





Good evening

Saramo mšvidobisa