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The Italian word for 'your'

The Italian word for your is vostro.

Examples of using the word 'your' in Italian

suo fratello
your brother
la sua musica
your music
la sua casa
your house
sua madre
your mother
sua figlia
your daughter

How to learn Italian

The world's most popular Italian language learning software for beginners, used every day by people all over the globe. It’s perfect for holidaymakers, business people, students and families. Anyone over 14 years of age will find the software beneficial for expanding listening, comprehension and verbal language skills. The software is designed so that users have fun while they learn.

Included in the course

  • Italian language learning software for download

Key Features

  • Fun to use
  • Learn Italian grammar and vocabulary
  • Voice recognition to improve your Italian accent
  • Italian talking dictionary
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Reviews for Speak! Italian

Product Rating
Real Italian

I bought the downloadable MP3 files (French-Italian version) and I am very satisfied. I recommend this site to anyone interested in learning Italian.

Published on Nov 30, 2015 by Patrick from Paris, France

Product Rating
Italian Made Easier

The title says it all really. For quite a few years I have wanted to speak Italian and have tried books, CD's etc. without success. This Linguashop course however is simple to use and being able to see the written word as well as hearing it and being able to see your progress makes all the difference. I am happy with my progress now and recommend this course to all.more...

Published on Jun. 27, 2015 by Stuart from Kingussie, Scotland

Product Rating
A Fine Course in Italian

Thanks to TeachMe! Italian, I am now able to converse comfortably in Italian with other Italian speakers. TeachMe! Italian provide a systematic approach that focuses on the student's pace, be it fast or slow.

What I especially like about this program is the vocabulary. Whenever I study a language, my vocabulary often needs more attention than my grammar. This is the perfect program to build up one's word knowledge in Italian. The program provides practical, everyday expressions and words--words that you would use at home, in public, to ask common questions--in short, for everyday life.

This, like the many other great programs offered by Linguashop, has been a great enrichment in my life. Learning a new language always opens up the doors to a new world. I can think of few programs that offer a better key!

Published on March 9, 2013 by Tom from Lincoln, United States

Product Rating
Very good

A very good product. Thanks!

Published on Nov 14, 2015 by Véronique from Nice, France

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Speak! Italian

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Key Reasons to learn Italian


Speaking Italian will increase your career opportunities. Employers tend to prefer candidates who speak another language such as Italian. Globalization is shrinking the business world and those who know Italian will definitely have the edge.

College / University

Proficiency in Italian will improve your chances of being accepted to university. Knowing Italian is an asset if you're planning to study abroad.

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Basic words and phrases in Italian

Get by in Italian with these basic Italian words & phrases.

The girl is big.

La ragazza è grande.

The girls are big.

Le ragazze sono grandi.

The horses are white.

I cavalli sono bianchi.

The woman is old.

La donna è vecchia.

The horse is old.

Il cavallo è vecchio.

The man is old.

L'uomo è vecchio.

The horses are old.

I cavalli sono vecchi.

The women are young.

Le donne sono giovani.