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The Uzbek word for 'his'

The Uzbek word for his is uning. As well, the suffix -i is added to the noun. If the noun ends in a vowel, the suffix -sı is added to the noun.

Examples of using the word 'his' in Uzbek

uning otasi
his father
uning savoli
his question
uning stoli
his table
uning puli
his money
uning akasi
his brother

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Each topic in the Uzbek to English audio course provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Uzbek grammar. There are numerous topics in the package. Topics include the Uzbek definite article, the indefinite article, Uzbek adjectives, Uzbek pronouns, Uzbek demonstrative pronouns. Each explanation includes examples of usage.

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  • MP3 Files in Uzbek and English for download

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  • The MP3 audio files are in English and Uzbek
  • Approximately 50 minutes of audio
  • Learn Uzbek on your iPod
  • Learn Uzbek on your MP3 player
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Basic words and phrases in Uzbek

Get by in Uzbek with these basic Uzbek words & phrases.

I am tired.

Men charchadim.

I was born in England.

Men Angliyada tug’ilganman.

I was born in Canada.

Men Kanadada tug’ilganman.

I am from Canada.

Men Kanadadanman.

I am married.

Men turmush qurganman.

I was born in America.

Men Amerikada tug’ilganman.

My name is Peter.

Mening ismim Piter.

I am learning Spanish.

Men ispan tilini o’rganyapman.