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How to say 'his' in Cornish

The Cornish word for his is y. The word y often causes a sound change in the noun which follows it.

Examples of using the word 'his' in Cornish

y voes
his table
y dhorn
his hand
y gi
his dog
y vab
his son
y bluvenn
his pen

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Learn Cornish Audio Course

Each topic in the Cornish to English audio course provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Cornish grammar. There are numerous topics in the package. Topics include the Cornish definite article, the indefinite article, Cornish adjectives, Cornish pronouns, Cornish demonstrative pronouns. Each explanation includes examples of usage.

Included in the course

  • MP3 Files in Cornish and English for download

Key Points

  • The MP3 audio files are in English and Cornish
  • Approximately 50 minutes of audio
  • Learn Cornish on your iPad
  • Learn Cornish on your smartphone
Listen and Learn Cornish

Free Cornish Video

Video can be a good way to learn the basics in Cornish. Sit back and enjoy the video. It's less than 2 minutes long and will teach you a few key points in Cornish.

Important Reasons why people learn Cornish

Your relatives speak Cornish

If you have relatives who speak Cornish, learning Cornish will help you to communicate with them. If your children are enrolled in a Cornish medium school, learning Cornish will allow you to help them with their schoolwork.

Become part of the community

Learning Cornish will allow you to fully participate in the rich oral, written and musical traditions of the Cornish speaking areas.

Make a difference

Every new learner makes the outlook for Cornish brighter. Set an example for others by showing how it is indeed possible to learn Cornish and use it in the community.

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Basic words and phrases in Cornish

Get by in Cornish with these basic Cornish words & phrases.

The horse is big.

Bras yw an margh.

The horses are white.

An vergh yw gwynn.

The boy is strong.

An maw yw krev.

The women are young.

Yowynk yw an benynes.

The horses are old.

An vergh yw koth.

The house is small.

An chi yw byghan.

The boy is big.

An maw yw bras.

The girl is big.

An vowes yw bras.