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Cornish adjectives

Unlike English, adjectives in Cornish are placed after the noun. Adjectives in Cornish agree with the noun they describe. This means that adjectives that describe a feminine noun have a special form.

Examples for using Cornish adjectives

an chi nowydh
the new house
an chi koth
the old house
an chi byghan
the small house
an chi bras
the big house
an chi du
the black house

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How to learn Cornish

Speak! Cornish knows which words and phrases you've already learned and those you still need to practice. Each lesson offers listening practice, a printable Cornish-English dictionary and the opportunity to record your voice and see how your accent compares to Cornish native speakers.

Included in the course

  • Software to learn Cornish for download

Key Points

  • Fun to use
  • Learn Cornish grammar and vocabulary
  • Voice recognition to improve your Cornish accent
  • Cornish talking dictionary
  • Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
Speak! Cornish

Reviews for Speak! Cornish

Product Rating
Bryntin (Excellent)

This is a Brilliant prduct with a brilliant system. If you want to learn a language, BUY THIS. You won't regret it!

Pur Vryntin!

Published on Dec. 25, 2017 by Pyran from Great Britain

Product Rating
A pleasant and effective course

Learning a language, means listening, reading, and then using what you’ve seen and heard. This is exactly how TeachMe! works.

The course is structured so that without even realizing it, after repeating the expressions, you end up remembering without any problem.

Reading the stories and listening to them, you see the grammar points in context, which really helps comprehension.

For Breton speakers, learning Cornish is something fundamental. It is (like Welsh as well) a language from the same family, with a lot of similarities but also with peculiarities due to a separate evolution of the language.

Knowing Cornish and Welsh is beneficial because it allows you to compare these three related languages. This has also widened my knowledge of Breton.

Published on June 11, 2016 by Pierre Alex from Rennes, France

Product Rating
Learning the good old way

For me, the best part of the software is learning how to pronounce the language. Being able to have the software evaluate my pronunciation is invaluable to my learning process. I also like the interface a lot. It's friendly and doesn't scare me away when I sit down to learn more words.

Published on Jan. 12, 2014 by Dal from Napa, United States

Product Rating
Absolutely Brilliant

The Audio Book in Cornish is a must have for a beginner like my self who wants to learn a Brittonic Celtic
language, which from what I am told is making a come back in the areas close to where I have family. This
product is very easy to follow along with. The audio has a very clear and understandable voice, making the
learning process a lot more enjoyable when repeating what is said. Once I master this, I will without a
doubt be buying all the products Linguashop has to offer with regards to the Kernewek language.

One final note, customer support is OUTSTANDING!

Published on Sept. 14, 2016 by Jamie from Lawtey, United States

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Speak! Cornish

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4.9 out of 5 stars

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Important Reasons why people learn Cornish


Being able to immerse yourself in Cornish culture is a fantastic way to holiday. People are much more receptive if you make an effort to speak Cornish. Knowing Cornish will completely transform your travel experience.

College / University

Proficiency in Cornish will improve your chances of being accepted to university. Being able to show to a university admissions clerk that you have studied Cornish could add weight to your application.


If you have Cornish speaking friends, learning Cornish will help you to communicate with them. If your friends speak Cornish, learning Cornish will give you a better understanding of their culture and way of thinking.

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Basic words and phrases in Cornish

Get by in Cornish with these basic Cornish words & phrases.

One moment please.

Gorta tekken, mar pleg.

It is early.

A-varr yw.

It is two o'clock.

Diw eur yw.

I have time.

Yma termyn dhymm.

It is noon.

Hanterdydh yw.

I am in a hurry.

Res yw dhymm fyski.

Hurry !


It is five o'clock.

Pymp eur yw.