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The Finnish word for 'our'

The Finnish word for our is meidän. As well, the suffix -mme is added to the noun.

Examples of using the word 'our' in Finnish

meidän äitimme
our mother
meidän kysymyksemme
our question
meidän sanakirjamme
our dictionary
meidän isämme
our father
meidän tyttäremme
our daughter

Learn Finnish download

A collection of stories in Finnish as well as phrases and vocab, all in MP3 format for ready download. The Audio Book is ideal for those keen to learn Finnish while jogging, exercising, commuting, cooking or sleeping. The MP3 files can be copied to a smartphone or an iPad for you to use anywhere and anytime you like.

Included in the course

  • MP3 Files in Finnish for download
  • A PDF File for download

Key Features

  • Simple stories in Finnish
  • Phrases and vocabulary in Finnish and English
  • Improve your Finnish comprehension
  • Approximately 60 minutes of audio files
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Free Finnish Video

Video can be a good way to learn the basics in Finnish. Sit back and enjoy the video. It's less than 2 minutes long and will teach you a few key points in Finnish.

Popular Reasons why people learn Finnish

Your relatives speak Finnish

If you have relatives who speak Finnish, learning Finnish will help you to communicate with them. If your family spoke Finnish in the past you might want to learn it and possibly teach it to your children.


If you want to explore the country and get away from all the tourist traps, you're definitely going to need to know Finnish. If you don't speak Finnish, you will be forced to confine yourself to popular tourist resorts. Learning Finnish provides you with an insight into the way of life of people in Finnish speaking countries.

Personal development

Research indicates that knowing two languages reduces your chances of developing Alzheimer's. Studying Finnish can improve your memory and slow age-related decline.

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Your English language skills

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Basic words and phrases in Finnish

Get by in Finnish with these basic Finnish words & phrases.

It is sunny.

On aurinkoista.

It is snowing.

Sataa lunta.

What is the weather like ?

Millainen sää on?

It is nice out.

Ulkona on mukava ilma.

It is raining.

Sataa vettä.

It is cloudy out.

Ulkona on pilvistä.

It is hot out.

On kuuma.

It is cold out.

Ulkona on kylmää.