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Basque personal pronouns (you)

The Basque word for you is zuek. The word zuek in Basque is only used to speak with more than one person. The Basque word zuek is not used to speak with one person.

Basque personal pronouns

hasten zarate
you start
esaten duzue
you say
hitz egiten duzue
you speak
edaten duzue
you drink
jaten duzue
you eat

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Learn Basque fast

Learn Basque the easy way with the AutoLearn system. Refine your Basque pronunciation using the innovative voice anaylsis system. Master elementary conversational proficiency, including introductions, simple questions, shopping and more. The course uses Standard Basque (Euskara Batua).

Included in the course

  • 1 CD Rom with software
  • 1 Audio CD in Basque
  • 1 Small book of stories in Basque
  • Bonus: Basque PDF workbook, Basque PDF grammar and 1 additional language of your choice for free

Key Features

  • Effective way to learn Basque vocabulary
  • Easy to use
  • Basque talking dictionary
  • Lessons can be printed
  • Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
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Product Rating
Very good!

I've never learned a language so quickly. The ease of use that the program offers the student is quite impressive.

In my case, after 11 days, I'm able to formulate sentences in Basque and as incredible as it sounds, relatively fluently. (OK, it's true I spent a couple of hours per day with TeachMe!, but even if a person were to spend a couple of minutes each day with the software, they would see good results)

Published on Apr. 26, 2015 by Otavio Kremer Abuchaim from Porto Alegre, Brazil

Product Rating
Very good software

The software is well made.

Published on May 5, 2015 by Hervé from Vertheuil, France

Product Rating

The completely redesigned user interface brings a learning process which is intended only to individuals. Comparison, the microphone is more significant.

With a wait of two years, it is now the most powerful software to learn Basque in the face of an offer very basic, or even non-existent among linguists recognized publishers.

Published on Sept. 20, 2016 by Pascal from Paris, France

Product Rating
Heck of a lot better than Talk Now Plus !

It won't take you long to figure that out !

It's enough to use AutoLearn a bit and to browse through the huge amount of vocab in TeachMe! to realize it's the most complete software to learn Basque on the market today, and yet it's still easy to use and even fun.

I definitely recommend TeachMe! over any other product.

Published on Sept. 22, 2016 by **** from ****

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TeachMe! Basque

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4.8 out of 5 stars

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Proficiency in Basque will improve your chances of being accepted to university. Being able to show to a university admissions clerk that you have studied Basque could add weight to your application.


If you have Basque speaking friends, learning Basque will help you to communicate with them. If your friends speak Basque, learning Basque will give you a better understanding of their culture and way of thinking.

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Basic words and phrases in Basque

Get by in Basque with these basic Basque words & phrases.

It is sunny.

Eguzkitsu dago.

It is cold out.

Hotz egiten du.

It is hot out.

Bero egiten du.

It is raining.

Euria ari du.

What is the weather like ?

Nolako eguraldia dago?

What is the temperature ?

Zein tenperatura egiten du?

It is cloudy out.

Hodeitsu dago.

It is snowing.

Elurra ari du.