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How to speak Irish

How to speak Irish


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Irish personal pronouns (they)

The Irish word for they is siad.

Irish personal pronouns

Tuigeann siad na daoine
They understand the people
Tuigeann siad an cailín
They understand the girl
is cuimhin leo
they remember
siúlann siad
they walk
codlaíonn siad
they sleep

How to learn Irish

Speak! Irish knows which words and phrases you've already learned and those you still need to practice. Each topic consists of listening practice, a printable Irish-English lexicon and the opportunity to record your voice and see how your pronunciation compares with Irish native speakers. The course uses standard Irish with voices from Connamara, Kerry and Cork.

Included in the course

  • Irish Gaelic language learning software for download

Key Features

  • Fun to use
  • Learn Irish grammar and vocabulary
  • Voice recognition to improve your Irish accent
  • Irish talking dictionary
  • Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
Speak! Irish

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Irish dictionary

Reviews for Speak! Irish

Product Rating
Great Service

I can't comment yet about the usefulness of the Irish Beginner's that I downloaded but I will return at a later date to give an opinion. Right now I can only comment on the quality of service and value for money which I rate very highly.more...

Published on Nov 23, 2016 by Angela from Belfast, Ireland (North)

Product Rating
Irish Course is addictive

I can really say is that I am making very rapid progress and having a lot of fun with this way of learning. I'm really looking forward to the using the Irish I've learnt in June on my trip to Ireland.

Caution - it can be addictive!

Published on Apr. 27, 2014 by **** from ****

Product Rating
Learning Irish

I think your course is very well suited for home study, and well suited for the serious student. I have tried several other methods which fell short, mostly due to my erratic study habits. I would say yours is probably the easiest 'in depth' program.

Published on Dec. 11, 2016 by Larry from United States

Product Rating
Fluent in no time!!

I have only just begun learning Irish but TeachMe! Irish has catapulted me forward with its various modes of teaching.

I can choose how fast I want to move through it, I can repeat lessons as often as I like. It's very user-friendly and its monitoring section helps me to see how I'm doing and where I need to improve.

I'm going to be fluent in no time!!

Published on Apr. 8, 2014 by Elizabeth from Sumterville, United States

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Speak! Irish

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4.8 out of 5 stars

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Popular Reasons why people learn Irish

Your relatives speak Irish

If your family spoke Irish in the past you might want to learn it and possibly teach it to your children. If your children are enrolled in an Irish medium school, learning Irish will allow you to follow their curriculum.


If you have Irish speaking friends, learning Irish will help you to communicate with them. If your friends speak Irish, learning Irish will give you a better understanding of their culture and way of thinking.

Become part of the community

Learning Irish will allow you to fully participate in the rich oral, written and musical traditions of the Irish speaking areas.

Free Irish Course

Your English language skills

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Basic words and phrases in Irish

Get by in Irish with these basic Irish words & phrases.



Thank you

Go raibh maith agat


Dia dhuit

Good luck

Go n-éirí leat

Good morning

Dia dhuit ar maidin

See you again

Feicfidh mé arís thú

See you tomorrow

Feicfidh mé amárach thú

Good evening

Tráthnóna maith