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Chinese possessive pronouns (third person singular) 'his'

Just like English, Chinese has a set of possessive pronouns. When the noun is in the plural, the Chinese word for his is tā de.

Examples of using the word 'his' in Chinese with a noun in the plural

tā de dìdi
his brothers
tā de shŏu
his hands
tā de jiăo
his feet

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Basic words and phrases in Chinese

Get by in Chinese with these basic Chinese words & phrases.

I was born in Canada.

Wŏ chūshēn zài jiānádà.

I was born in America.

Wŏ chūshēn zài mĕiguó.

My name is Peter.

Wŏ jiào Pídé.

I am from Germany.

Wŏ cóng déguó lái.

I am tired.

Wŏ lèi le.

I come from Canada.

Wŏ cóng jiānádà lái.

I am learning French.

Wŏ xuéxí făyŭ.

I am hungry.

Wŏ è le.